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Active & assisted Living

The award-winning JAMES emergency call system enables elderly people to live longer and more self-determined lives in their own homes or in an assisted living facility. JAMES supports both assisted living seniors and their relatives and offers professional care facilities new business models in the AAL sector.

AAL systems ensure a better quality of life in old age.

Key elements

  • JAMES emergency watch with active/passive emergency call, voice connection runaway protection, tracking etc.
  • JAMES Tablet (senior tablet for video telephony with doctors, caregivers and relatives)
  • JAMES Vital Sensors (intelligent body scale and pulse/blood pressure monitor)
  • JAMES Locator

  • JAMES APPs for relatives
  • JAMES Web Portal for organizations and contacts

MOCCA Connect

MOCCA CONNECT enables standardized data exchange to other healthcare providers such as hospitals or physicians based on HL7 and CDA XML documents. A connection to ELGA will be offered in different variants in the future. In addition, the MOCCA platform offers modern technical interfaces that enable data to be exchanged quickly and efficiently with third-party systems such as accounting or billing.

Key elements

  • HL7 and CDA (Level 1-3)
  • ELGA compliant transfer report
  • Web-Service Interface to Third-Party Systems
  • Support for various communication protocols

MOCCA Mobile Device Management

With MobIS, ilogs provides a system with which mobile devices (Android smartphones) and users can be centrally managed. Furthermore, rules for the use of the applications can be defined.

Key elements

  • How does a user have to log on to the mobile device? (pin, pattern or password)
  • Using the camera on your smartphone
  • Can I use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.?
  • List of applications that must / may be installed
  • List of prohibited applications


The digital logbook from ilogs can be integrated into your existing system in addition to the basic and additional modules.

Key elements

  • I drive for business / private
  • Export and forward logbook
  • For pool, company and private vehicles
  • Tax office compliant and tamper-proof