Video telephony for seniors

Video telephony connects generations

Maria is 93 and lives with her 24/7 caregiver Anna in her large apartment in Vienna. Except for her grandson Gerhard, who visits her on weekends, the rest of the family lives in sunny Carinthia in good health. Because of the relatively long journey, the entire family only gets together now and then. The corona pandemic further complicates this circumstance. Although Maria enjoys the company of her nurse Anna, she often wishes for nothing more than to see her son Peter. The great longing often leads Maria to depressive phases and overemotionality.

Video Calls for ALL!

Peter's cousin Elfriede had the solution: Elfriede has owned the JAMES Tablet, a tablet for seniors, especially for video telephony, for quite some time. Elfriede uses the tablet mainly to be able to make her doctor's visits online, since the doctor's office she trusts is relatively far away. However, the tablet is also perfect for maintaining private contacts. After Peter tried out the tablet on his cousin, he equipped both himself and his mother Maria with the tablet.

The best thing about it is that Maria doesn't need to be shy about using the tablet, as she simply has to pick it up and hang up when her son makes video calls - just like making a familiar phone call. Maria is also becoming more and more confident and is already making video calls independently to her dear friend Irmgard, who lives in a nursing home. Irmgard's care institution even has several JAMES tablets. When Maria calls, the JAMES tablet is brought directly to Irmgard's room á la hotel service. From now on, she can experience the voices and faces of her loved ones live at any time.

But Anna, Maria's caregiver, is also thrilled with the benefits of the tablet; since the JAMES tablet has been up and running in Maria's home, Anna has been able to effortlessly record and then manage her day-to-day care tasks and activities using the integrated MOCCA ONE software. MOCCA ONE is the market-leading platform in mobile / ambulatory care software and for Anna, as a 24/7 caregiver, it is an absolute asset to her work routine.




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