Smarthomes for seniors

Don't make the future wait any longer.

Terms such as digitization and innovative technologies are now firmly anchored in our consciousness. However, not only our vocabulary is changing, but also our immediate environment. The current trend to transform the home into an everyday smart home with intelligent assistance systems - such as Amazon's Alexa - is already widespread among younger generations and is now also gradually reaching older groups of people.

Although many seniors are still skeptical about innovative technologies, smart assistance systems can make life at home easier, more comfortable, and above all safer in the long term. As an intelligent emergency call system, JAMES can be easily integrated into the everyday lives of older people and its components offer a range of life-enhancing functions. Consequently, there is nothing to stop people from "moving into" their own smarthome and thus entering the digital age.

Kern family living in a smarthome.

Peter is 73 and has lived alone in his large house for several years. Until now, he has done everyday tasks himself; however, despite regular exercise, Peter is no longer as agile as he was a few years ago. The senior is plagued by back pain. Peter's son Gerhard lives with his family in a Vienna smart apartment and is enthusiastic about the benefits of the new technologies. After his son's encouragement, Peter has now also decided to convert his house into a smarthome.

From now on, JAMES and Alexa (Amazon) will provide more safety and comfort. The newly networked AAL(active and assisted living) smarthome makes Peter's everyday life easier by automating annoying or strenuous daily tasks through digitally controlled routines, thus creating more free time and comfort:

In addition to the all-encompassing Alexa home optimization(networking and control of light, room temperature, music and TV, coffee machine, lawn robot, etc.), JAMES makes Peter's life easier with a mobile home emergency call, video telephony, measurement and assessment of vital signs, and reminders to take important medications, and much more.

Thanks to the unbeatable helper duo JAMES and Alexa, Peter's life has changed from the ground up: He now lives under the sign of the JAMES core areas of SAFETY, HEALTH and COMMUNITY and thus has more time and energy for family and friends.  

The advantages of an AAL smart home at a glance

New living comfort

For example, digital services that are networked with furnishings and household appliances (air conditioners, coffee machines, household, pool, and mowing robots, etc.) and can be controlled via voice commands provide a more comfortable life.


Pedometers, scales, sugar and blood pressure monitors, etc. linked to apps or smart devices can help keep track of important health data and have it professionally evaluated. The JAMES Vital sensors, in conjunction with the JAMES Tablet, enable viewing of personal vital signs as well as their clarification by a well-founded nurse (optional service). In addition, the age-optimized video telephony function of the JAMES Tablet allows nursing staff and doctors to be consulted at any time.


Isolation and boredom? Not with JAMES!
A smart emergency call system is the main focus of JAMES. Nevertheless, the interlinked areas of community and entertainment contribute immensely to the general well-being of older people. Automating one's own home opens up a whole new dimension of entertainment. For example, assistance systems enable central control of TVs, lights, speakers, blinds, etc. The JAMES Tablet , with its age-friendly software, also offers simple communication options (video telephony, voice connection, chat) to family, friends and professionals, as well as a wide range of games and Internet services (YouTube, digital newspaper, radio, etc.).


A pair like no other - JAMES meets Alexa!
Smart Homes thus guarantee optimal protection for their residents. The unique combination of JAMES and Alexa makes your own home even safer: JAMES' mobile home emergency call at the touch of a button becomes a home emergency call by voice command with Alexa's help: "Alexa, JAMES! "


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