Protection for caregivers thanks to safety watch

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Markus is 42 and works as a caregiver in an assisted living home for dementia patients in Vienna. He loves his job and takes care of different seniors every day. Two weeks ago, the assisted living facility got a new resident with advanced Alzheimer's dementia - Mr. G. was previously cared for by his family and a mobile caregiver. Recently, however, severe states of confusion began to manifest in the ill senior, some of which even degenerated into violence. His great-niece was injured while trying to wash him. Due to his condition, care in his own home was unfortunately no longer possible, which is why his family now had to hand over the care work to professional hands with a heavy heart.

SafeMotion is the optimal software for protection for lone workers.

As a long-time and dedicated dementia caregiver, Markus was already caring for nursing home residents with similar symptoms. However, in the first week since Mr. G.'s arrival, a dramatic incident occurred. When it was time for Markus to help his new charge take his medication, Mr. G. panicked and grabbed a bread knife. Fortunately, Markus was able to fend off the attack and remained unharmed. However, he needed the support of his colleagues - and since he started using the SafeMotion safety watch for lone workers, help is just a quick push of a button away. With the help of the watch, Markus was easily able to contact his colleagues, who quickly provided assistance. However, the valuable SafeMotion software is not only available for the alarm clock, but also for emergency call buttons, electronic ID cards, etc. Markus' home wants to offer its employees the best possible security while they are at work and therefore uses the system in both smartwatch and ID card versions. Markus and his colleagues are happy about the innovative security management and together with SafeMotion they can take care of their home residents without worries.

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