Nature lover is traveling alone

Thanks to the JAMES emergency watch, he receives help immediately

Peter is 73 years old and lives alone. A passionate nature lover, he enjoys extensive walks in the woods, which he would not want to miss under any circumstances. However, he has recently been suffering from low blood pressure and dizziness. Recently he fell in the forest and could not get up on his own. His worried son Gerhard found him several hours later, completely hypothermic.

A family friend and professional caregiver recommended the JAMES B6 emergency call watch to Peter. Since he started wearing the new emergency watch, all worries have been forgotten. Thanks to JAMES , Peter enjoys new freedom and security around the clock. In case of an emergency situation, he can use the emergency button to send out an SOS signal to his family. During the alarm, the watch establishes a voice connection with his loved ones and determines the exact position of the watch. With the help of the JAMES APP, son Gerhard can view his father's exact whereabouts at any time. Dangerous situations like these are additionally counteracted with the help of the JAMES vital functions - the B6 watch measures important health values such as pulse, blood pressure and daily steps taken. Gerhard, the son, conveniently monitors the data via the APP. This allows him to advise his father against hiking in the event of deviations.

Peter is overjoyed to be able to continue spending time in nature, and his family is reassured.


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