The mobile platform for care, support & age appropriate assistance.

For the health sector, the ageing of the population poses considerable challenges. In addition to demographic change, the trend towards individualisation of lifestyles is leading to a growing number of elderly people and people in need of care who are dependent on new approaches to care. Time-consuming care is confronted with a change in family structures and a funding problem with increasingly scarce resources. Previously typical care arrangements within the family are increasingly being replaced by health services provided by professional care institutions.

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Experience in the e-health sector

Quality improvement

Effective process planning and documentation.

Cost savings

Time savings in planning, up-to-date invoicing, precise deployment plans and routes.

Efficient administration

Optimised resource planning, mobile data collection and automated reporting.

Flexible deployment planning

Unpredictable events can be compensated for quickly and effortlessly.

Modular principle

Our platform offers a diverse selection of modules that cover the different requirements of inpatient facilities, mobile/outpatient services as well as other healthcare providers.


Care has never been so modern. Discover MOCCA ONE in action!

Peter’s family receives targeted support in everyday life from competent carers. In combination with the emergency call system JAMES, the integration and use of MOCCA becomes even easier. Peter’s family and their carers share their collective experiences with MOCCAand JAMESin emotional stories and use cases.