Life stories

JAMES products are perfectly adaptable to different needs and life situations. They allow seniors and their families new freedom and security. Not only the JAMES home emergency call and the associated emergency watches, but also the MOCCA ONE digital care platform can best be explained through the experiences of Peter Kern and his family. The emotional stories provide insights into various use cases.

Family Kern introduces itself

Peter core

Peter, 73, is a nature lover and hiker. He lives alone and suffers from low blood pressure and dizziness. Peter uses the JAMES emergency watches B6 / S6.


Susanne is Peter’s girlfriend. She loves long walks and uses the JAMES emergency strap.

Gerhard core

Gerhard, 46, Peter’s son. Grandson of Maria and father of Sophie. He lives in Vienna and is employed. Gerhard uses the JAMES APP.

Elfriede Kern

Elfriede (75) Peter’s cousin. Elfriede lives alone in a house with a large garden. She uses the JAMES S6 emergency watch with fall detection and receives mobile care from Karin twice a week.

Maria core

Maria, 93 years, mother of Peter, grandmother of Gerhard and great-grandmother of Sophie and Stefan. She lives in Vienna with 24/7 caregiver Anna. Maria has dementia and wears the JAMES S6 with dementia mode. In addition, she video calls her family and friend Irmgard via the JAMES tablet.

Sophie core

Sophie, 20 years. Daughter of Gerhard, granddaughter of Peter and great-granddaughter of Maria. She uses the JAMES APP to view vital signs. She can also call her grandpa’s and great-grandma’s watches directly.


Irmgard, 96, lives in a nursing home in Vienna and uses the JAMES tablet for video calls with Maria. In addition, she wears the S6 watch with dementia mode. Your nursing home works with the MOCCA software.


Karin is a nursing assistant and online
Nurse. As a JAMES health coach, she keeps track of Peter’s values through the JAMES Carecenter. In addition, she visits Elfriede twice a week.


Anna, dipl. 24/7 Caregiver. She lives with Maria and uses MOCCA mobile on the JAMES tablet and the JAMES APPs.


Jenny works with the JAMES call center in the 24/7 emergency call center.

for family & relatives


The central app for relatives and volunteers with all important management options of the JAMES products such as (alarms and reminders, health data or chat). If necessary, you can quickly and easily access all important information and settings.