The smart assistance system


Intelligent AAL assistance systems such as JAMES TeleCare relieve not only elderly people, but also their relatives and professional organizations. They also enrich the daily lives of seniors living alone with a variety of reliable alerting, health, and entertainment functions.

Many seniors live alone at home and are thus left to their own devices not only in everyday life, but especially in dangerous situations. Relatives want a life characterized by community and security for their loved ones.

JAMES is a kind of digital butler that supports the independence of elderly people through its perfectly coordinated AAL components. JAMES also offers new possibilities of care for professional organizations.


JAMES is as versatile as you are. Discover a new world of safety & freedom.

Emergency bracelet A6

For minimalists! The slim emergency call bracelet model A6 with SOS and telephone button enables the simplest operation . The phone button connects you to a contact of your choice or, if necessary, to our emergency call center.

Emergency watch B-series

The B-Series emergency watch delights not only with anintegrated pedometer, but also with a range of optional health functions such as pulse, blood pressure, temperature and blood oxygen saturation.

Emergency watch R8

Our elegant emergency call watch with a round look. Alarm at the touch of a button and a variety of health functions characterize our latest model. 

Available as of June 2023.

Dementia watch

The JAMES dementia watch with enhanced functions for use in mild to moderate dementia.
Used for locating(tracking) or monitoring a movement zone.

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