The JAMES emergency call device with fall sensor

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General information on the subject of "fall" in the market

Falls and accidents are a serious problem in today's society, especially among the elderly or cognitively impaired. Quick detection and reaction to a fall can be life-saving. There are many watches in the market which claim to have good fall detection based on acceleration detection. Unfortunately, the reality is different because it is very difficult to detect a fall. Here are some examples:

- The watch wearer gets dizzy and slowly slides to the floor; partly she still supports herself on a chair.
- Someone trips over the edge of the carpet and abruptly falls to the floor.
- The watch wearer hits the table quickly with his hand.

It is very difficult to recognize these cases well and to distinguish whether it is a fall or a quick hand movement.

Our watches that support a drop sensor

All JAMES B and R models have a camber sensor based on acceleration. It can happen that the fall sensor triggers too often or does not trigger because the "impact" was too low. The S model of JAMES offers a completely different option due to the built-in inactivity sensor. This means that the watch will report an alarm if it is not moved for a certain time (e.g. 15 minutes - 8 levels are adjustable).
At JAMES we are working on better fall detection, but we know from experience that the best safety is obtained when the watch is worn. In the majority of emergency situations (whether a fall, fear, danger in transit, etc.), help is just a button press away!
On the B and R models, the fall sensor is enhanced with a sensitivity setting. This can improve the results, but they will never be optimal.

Scenario: The fall - accident situation

In the event of a fall - and rapid acceleration - the fall sensor of the JAMES B and R series detects the situation and, as a rule, automatically triggers an alarm.
On the S model, the alarm is triggered after the inactivity time has elapsed.

Scenario: The "slow" fall , e.g. in the event of a fainting spell

We understand that not all falls are abrupt. In cases where a user goes down slowly, such as a fainting spell, the fall sensor may not trigger an automatic alarm. In such situations, the SOS button can be pressed manually to call for help.

How do we prevent false alarms?

"Cancel false alarms at the touch of a button"
The watch wearer has the option of manually canceling the alarm within a specified period of time (e.g., within the first 15 seconds) if it is a false alarm. This minimizes the burden on emergency services and family members from unnecessary false alarms.


The JAMES emergency pendant with fall sensor is not just a product, but a well thought-out solution that addresses the real needs and challenges of users. While other providers ignore the problems of false alarms and undetected falls, we have developed a technology that works well in practice. But our watch is not just an electronic device, it's a reliable solution that's there in case of emergency.

Convince yourself of the quality and reliability of the JAMES emergency watch and make the difference in the lives of your customers.

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