Fashion conscious & still protected

Susanne (70), like her boyfriend Peter, likes to spend a lot of time in nature and often goes walking. She already knows the JAMESproducts, however, she always wears her mother's watch as a souvenir and did not want to exchange it for JAMESuntilnow.

"One watch on the left wrist and one on the right would look funny. Plus, smartwatches are too complicated for me."

As a fashion-conscious woman, Susanne is passionate about maintaining her style-conscious appearance. However, it is important to Peter that Susanne is well protected at all times - especially during her walking excursions in the forest.

JAMES as a savior in distress

Fortunately, the smart JAMES repertoire has recently been supplemented by a chic emergency call wristband, which can also be worn on the right hand without worrying and is very easy to use. The alarm band turned out to be a valuable companion already in the first week:

The fashionable athlete wanted to meet a friend for a walking tour in the forest, as she does every Friday morning. However, her companion canceled at short notice and Susanne went alone. However, at a particularly rooted spot, she suddenly stumbled and sprained her ankle. She had left her cell phone in the car, as usual.

Facing the future safely & fashionably

Here, the JAMES Alarm Band proves to be a valuable guardian angel. A short press of a button later, she was already on the phone with Peter, who immediately called for help. Susanne couldn't be happier about her new band.


Emergency watches easily explained

Digital assistants are now firmly anchored in our everyday lives. However, the new technologies enable not only younger, but now also older generations to enjoy a higher standard of living. The latter benefit from AAL (active & assisted living)-focused software and user-friendly smart devices. Active-assisted-living systems like JAMEShelp seniors with everyday tasks, build confidence in new technologies, and even save lives in an emergency. At the same time, they facilitate the care routine of concerned relatives and professional care organizations.


Often emergency watches are also called safety watches or alarm bracelets. In most cases, however, this refers to similarly designed mobile devices with the same goal: to reliably protect their wearers in everyday life and to summon help when needed.

Although many seniors already own a cell phone or smartphone, it is not always at hand and is often forgotten at home when going out. Accordingly, a person seeking help is often unable to make the rescue emergency call.

SOS watches offer the solution. The new models are worn on the wrist and look like modern smartwatches. In addition, they offer their wearers pleasant comfort. Most watches have an emergency button and precise GPS tracking. Thus, they also protect in the best way on the road.


The desire to be able to live within their own four walls for as long as possible is shared by many people. Older people in particular feel a strong bond with their own home. In earlier times, several generations lived together. In addition to father, mother and children, grandparents also lived under the same roof. However, demographic change and the ongoing trend toward small apartments and single households have caused the former family structures to collapse. Currently, one in three people in the 65+ age group lives alone.* This increases both the need for relatives to be attentive to their loved ones and the demand for caregivers.

Safety, Health & Community

Everyone wants a life marked by safety, health and companionship for their elderly family members. However, freedom and self-determination must not be disregarded when fulfilling these core elements, especially since this is an essential part of maintaining the accustomed quality of life for older people.

SMARTWATCHES, which apart from their chic looks have life-saving functions such as an emergency call button, fall sensors, GPS, health apps, etc., are being capitalized on in this context.


Help is just a push of a button away

Most emergency watches have at least one emergency button. This is often discreetly placed on newer designs and is easy to trigger: simply press the red button for about three seconds to send an SOS (JAMES emergency watch S6). In addition to the alarm function, many models integrate GPS tracking systems, which locate the position of the watch wearer in an emergency and send it via APP / SMS / WEBPORTAL to their relatives, emergency call center or care organization. Authorized helpers are thus able to quickly locate and rescue the affected person.

In addition to active calls for help, some models also enable inactivity sensors, which prove to be a lifesaver especially in the event of accidents or falls. The drop sensors detect unusual resting phases of the watch wearer and automatically sound the alarm in case of prolonged immobility. With the help of technology, horror scenarios such as waiting for hours for help or finding the victim too late can be prevented. In addition to active calls for help, some models also enable passive, i.e. automatic, alarm signals.

Inactivity detection for accidents & falls

Inactivity sensors prove to be a lifesaver in an emergency, especially in the event of accidents or falls. The drop sensors detect unusual resting phases of the watch wearer and automatically sound the alarm in case of prolonged immobility. With the help of technology, horror scenarios such as waiting for hours for help or finding the victim too late can be prevented.

Runaway protection for people with mild dementia

People with mild dementia long to live in their own homes longer despite their condition, while retaining familiar freedoms. Emergency watches with integrated Geofece software allow affected individuals to maintain their pace of life. The runaway protection secures dementia patients with the help of an invisible protective field that can be individually adjusted. For example, a movement zone of about 300 meters is defined around the residence of the watch wearer. When this zone is exceeded, the watch sends an automatic SOS incl. GPS position to authorized helpers.

Which one?

Figuring out which emergency watch is right for you or your loved one is often not that easy. Before making a decision, it is important to think about the individual requirements of the watch wearer:

What about his lifestyle? Does he or she live alone? Should the watch be water resistant? Does he like to go for walks, is he at risk of falling or are dementia-related walking tendencies** already noticeable?

Once you are clear about the needs of the future wearer, the easier you can decide on a model.

Secure decision support

Click on the link below for more information about JAMES or to go to the JAMES emergency watch product overview.

We wish you and your loved ones success in making the right decisions and a great deal of security.


* Statistics Austria study. Link to the study

** Definition of the term "running away tendency": The running away tendency used to be called running away tendency - because affected persons follow an inner urge and run away. However, it is now known that patients do not simply want to "escape" but set out with a purpose.

Don't keep the future waiting.

Terms such as digitizationand innovative technologies are now firmly anchored in our consciousness. However, not only our vocabulary is changing, but also our immediate environment. The current trend of transforming one's own home into an everyday-supporting smarthome with intelligent assistance systems - such as Amazon's Alexa - is already widespread among younger generations and is now gradually reaching older groups of people as well.

Although many seniors are still skeptical about innovative technologies, smart assistance systems can make life in their own homes sustainably easier, more comfortable and, above all, more pleasant. safer. JAMEScanbe described as an intelligent emergency call system that can be effortlessly integrated into the everyday lives of older people and its components offer a range of life-enhancing functions. Consequently, nothing stands in the way of "moving in" to your own smarthome and, associated with that, into the digital age.

Kern family living in a smarthome.

Peter is 73 and has lived alone in his large house for several years. Until now, he did everyday tasks by himself, however, despite regular exercise, Peter is not as agile as he was a few years ago. The senior is plagued by back pain. Peter's son Gerhard lives with his family in a smart apartment in Vienna and is enthusiastic about the benefits of the new technologies. After the encouragement of his son, Peter now also decided to convert his house into a smarthome.

As of now, JAMESand Alexa(Amazon) provide more securityand comfort. The newly networked AAL(active and assisted living) smarthome makes Peter's daily life easier by automating tedious or strenuous daily tasks through digitally controlled routines, thus creating more free time and comfort:

In addition to the all-encompassing Alexahomeoptimization (networking and control of light, room temperature, music and TV, coffee machine, lawn robot, etc.), JAMESmakesPeter's life easier with a mobile home emergency call, video telephony, measurement and assessment of vital signs, and reminders to take important medications, and much more.

Thanks to the unbeatable helper duo JAMESand Alexa, Peter's life has changed from the ground up: He now lives under the sign of the JAMES core areas of SAFETY, HEALTH and COMMUNITY and thus has more time and energy for family and friends.

The advantages of an AAL smart home at a glance

New living comfort

For example, digital services that are networked with furnishings and household appliances (air conditioners, coffee machines, household, pool, and mowing robots, etc.) and can be controlled via voice commands provide a more comfortable life.


Pedometers, scales, sugar and blood pressure monitors, etc. linked to apps or smart devices can help keep track of important health data and have it professionally assessed. The JAMES Vital Sensors, in conjunction with the JAMES Tablet, enable viewing of personal vital signs as well as their clarification by a well-founded nurse (optional service). In addition, the age-optimized video telephony function of the JAMES Tablet allowsnursing staff and doctors to be consulted at any time.


Isolation & boredom? Not on JAMES' watch!
A smart emergency call system is the main focus of JAMES. Nevertheless, the interrelated areas of community and entertainment contribute immensely to the general well-being of older people. Automating your own home opens up a whole new dimension of entertainment. For example, assistance systems enable central control of TVs, lights, speakers, blinds, etc. With its age-friendly software, the JAMES Tablet also offers simple communication options (video telephony, voice connection, chat) with family, friends and professionals, as well as a variety of games and Internet services (YouTube, digital newspaper, radio, and much more).


A pair like no other - JAMESmeets Alexa!
Smart homes thus guarantee optimum protection for their residents. With the unique combination of JAMESand Alexa, your own home becomes even safer: JAMES'mobile home emergency call at the touch of a button becomes a home emergency call by voice command with Alexa's help: "Alexa, JAMES!"


Video telephony connects generations

Maria is 93 and lives with her 24/7 caregiver Anna in her large apartment in Vienna. Except for her grandson Gerhard, who visits her on weekends, the rest of the family lives in good health in sunny Carinthia. Due to the relatively long journey, the entire family only gets together now and then. The corona pandemic further complicates this circumstance. Although Maria enjoys the company of her nurse Anna, she often wishes for nothing more than to see her son Peter. The great longing often leads to depressive phases and overemotionality in Maria.

Video Calls for ALL!

Peter's cousin Elfriede had the solution: Elfriede has long owned the JAMES Tablet, a tablet for seniors, especially for video telephony. Elfriede uses the tabletmainlyto keep up with her doctor's visits online, since the doctor's office she trusts is relatively far away. However, the tablet is also perfect for maintaining private contacts. After Peter tried out the tablet onhis cousin, he equipped both himself and his mother Maria with the tablet.

Best of all, Maria doesn't need to be shy about operating the tablet, as she simply has to pick it up and hang up during her son's video calls - just like making a familiar phone call. Maria also dares more and more and already video phones independently with her dear friend Irmgard, who lives in a nursing home. Irmgard's nursing institution even has several JAMES Tablets. When Maria calls, the JAMES Tablet Irmgard á la hotel service is brought directly to the room. From now on, she can experience the voices and faces of her loved ones live at any time.

But Anna, Maria's caregiver, is also enthusiastic about the advantages of the tablet; since the JAMES Tablet is up and running in Maria's apartment, Anna can perform her everyday care tasks and activities using the integrated MOCCA ONE software effortlessly record and then manage them. MOCCA ONE isthe market-leading platform in mobile / ambulatory care software and for Anna, as a 24/7 caregiver, an absolute asset to her work routine.


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Telemedicine as a model for the future

Elfriede is 75 and lives alone in her large country house. Although she is still very fit and agile, she has recently been suffering from low blood pressure and fatigue. To date, she kept accurate records of her pulse and blood pressure readings and submitted her notes to her doctor. However, she finds the written records of increasingly frequent doctor's visits increasingly tedious. Especially since she also lives in the country and the journey to her doctor's office is relatively long.

A friend and former caregiver recommended the JAMES Tablet and Vital Sensors to her. The JAMES Tablet is a senior-friendly tablet for video calling and recording important health values. In combination with the Vital Sensors - a Bluetooth body scale and blood pressure device - the JAMES Tablet functions like a digital health coach. The values determined with the Vital Sensors are sent directly to the station, where they can be retrieved at any time. In addition, online medical checks are possible through the video telephony function. Thanks to JAMES, the arduous journey that Elfriede had to take for routine checks is no longer necessary. In addition, the tablet reminds patients to take important medications and is connected to the JAMES Care Center, where nurse Michaela works.

Michaela takes care of the vital signs of up to 50 seniors at the Care Center and contacts the individual and their family when unusual readings occur. So if Elfriede's blood pressure drops sharply, she and her relatives will be notified immediately and consulted about what to do next.

Telemedicine as a model for the future

Elfriede's cousin Peter also takes advantage of the JAMEShealthfunctions. Peter wears the JAMES emergency watch B6, which specializes in measuring pulse and blood pressure in addition to mobile home emergency calls. The nature-loving senior walks a lot and therefore measures his values several times a day. The data obtained is then sent directly to the JAMES APP, where his son Gerhard can check his father's health.

Smartphones & Telemedicine
The JAMES Health App
The JAMES emergency call watch B6 in white



Elfriede uses the JAMES S6 emergency call device with fall sensor.

Elfriede (75) has been taking care of her large garden alone since the death of her husband. Her favorite thing to work on is her new vegetable patch. However, two weeks ago she suffered a concussion because she fell while gardening. Until she was found by her cousin Peter, almost four hours passed during which she lay helplessly on the ground in pain.

Peter already wears a JAMES emergency watch and now also equipped Elfriede with one of the intelligent emergency watches. Should Elfriede fall again, she can send an alarm to Peter and other helpers via her new smartwatch:

A short press on the red button is all it takes to get help. In case of emergency, an additional plan(FALL & DEMENTIA) with a case sensor can be booked in addition to the watch. So if Elfriede does not move for an unusually long period of time, JAMESnotifiesabout the emergency. This prevents painful persistence on the ground after falls, fainting or circulatory problems.

While waiting for help, Elfriede is connected to her loved ones via voice call. So from now on, the amateur gardener does not have to worry about having to go through emergency situations like this alone.

Since Elfriede wears JAMESonher wrist, she feels safe around the clock - even her relatives are reassured. She particularly likes the design of the emergency watch.

It looks like a fancy smartwatch.

Elfriede Kern


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Markus is 42 and works as a caregiver in an assisted living home for dementia patients in Vienna. He loves his job and takes care of different seniors every day. Two weeks ago, the assisted living facility got a new resident with advanced Alzheimer's dementia - Mr. G. had previously been cared for by his family and a mobile caregiver. Recently, however, the sick senior began to manifest severe states of confusion, which sometimes even degenerated into violence. His grandniece was injured while trying to wash him. Due to his condition, care in his own home was unfortunately no longer possible, which is why his family now had to hand over the care work to professional hands with a heavy heart.

SafeMotion is the optimal software for protection for lone workers.

As a long-time and dedicated dementia caregiver, Markus has cared for nursing home residents with similar symptoms. However, in the first week since Mr. G.'s arrival, a dramatic incident occurred. When it came time for Markus to help his new charge take his medication, Mr. G. panicked and grabbed a bread knife. Fortunately, Markus was able to fend off the attack and remained unharmed. However, he needed the support of his colleagues - and since he started using the SafeMotionsafetywatch for lone workers, help is just a quick push of a button away. With the help of the watch, Markus was easily able to contact his colleagues, who quickly provided him with assistance. However, the valuable SafeMotion softwareis not only available for the alarm watch, but also for emergency buttons, electronic ID cards, etc. Markus' residence wants to offer its employees the best possible security while they are at work, so it uses the system in both smartwatch and ID card variants. Markus and his colleagues are happy about the innovative safety management and together with SafeMotiontheycan take care of their home residents without worries.

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Together with MEDEA, emergency doctor Christine saves lives

Christine (37) is an emergency physician and saves lives on a daily basis. Accordingly, she knows that time and efficient mission management play an important role in emergency situations. Despite her expertise, some rescue missions are hampered by time-delaying factors such as unstructured information transfers - for example, to the respective target hospital. As a passionate physician, Christine wants her patients to receive all-round care at the highest level of quality. This applies not only to the treatment of wounds, symptoms, etc., but also to the organizational workflow (patient preparation and treatment in the hospital, protocol requirements, etc.) behind the scenes of the emergency. Since they introduced the new documentation system. MEDEAhas beenimplemented, work and management have improved significantly.

MEDEA promises the highest quality of work

MEDEAisa mobile documentation software and was developed especially for emergency physicians and paramedics. The system supports and accelerates both the rescue operation and the subsequent care in the hospital: By means of the software, the bidirectional information flow of digitally secured data between the emergency physician and the target hospital is optimized, thus initiating a continuous information chain that extends from alerting the Red Cross to billing the health insurance company.

From now on, Christine is able to quickly and accurately log all medically relevant data on her laptop/tablet directly at the scene of the event. In addition to the patient's personal data, it also records symptoms, medication and all initial measures taken. MEDEAopenedup new quality management opportunities for Christine and her paramedics. She likes the system so much that she immediately recommended it to her friends and colleagues in Germany, especially since the innovative software can be easily adapted to the respective country protocol.

Thanks to the JAMES emergency watch, he receives help immediately

Peter is 73 years old and lives alone. A passionate nature lover, he enjoys extensive walks in the forest, which he would not want to miss under any circumstances. However, he has recently been suffering from low blood pressure and dizziness. Recently he fell in the woods and could not get up on his own. His worried son Gerhard found him several hours later completely hypothermic.

A family friend and professional caregiver recommended JAMES emergency watch B6 to Peter. Since he started wearing the new emergency watch, all worries have been forgotten. Thanks to JAMES, Peter enjoys new freedom and security around the clock. In case of an emergency situation, he can use the emergency button to send an SOS signal to his family. During the alarm, the watch establishes a voice connection with his loved ones and determines the exact position of the watch. With the help of the JAMES APP, son Gerhard can see his father's exact whereabouts at any time. Dangerous situations like these are additionally counteracted with the help of the JAMES vital functions - the B6 watch measures important health values such as pulse, blood pressure and daily steps taken. Son Gerhard conveniently monitors the determined data via the APP. This allows him to advise his father against hiking in case of deviations.

Peter is overjoyed to be able to continue spending time in nature, and his family is reassured.


MOCCA makes everyday (care) life easier

Weakness suffers. Despite her symptoms, Maria insists on continuing to live in her Vienna apartment. As a 24/7 worker, Anna is responsible for a wealth of different tasks and supports her protégé around the clock: she helps with household chores and personal hygiene, cooks, accompanies her to doctor's appointments and administers essential medication. However, all this activity must be recorded in detail. Until recently, Anna painstakingly recorded her proofs by hand. However, the order-loving nurse was soon bothered by the increasing amount of paperwork.

A friend and nursing colleague from a Viennese nursing home subsequently drew Anna's attention to the MOCCA ONE platformwhich her institution also works with. MOCCA ONE was developed by the Austrian market leader in mobile / ambulatory care software(ilogs healthcare) and can be adapted to a wide range of requirements and situations thanks to its modular structure. Accordingly, the software can be integrated not only on standalone devices, but also smartphones and tablets. Since Anna started using the new program on Maria's JAMES tablether work routine has become much easier. Whether it's activity records, appointments, checklists or the administration of medication - with MOCCA Mobil, nothing stands in the way of a smart and flexible everyday care routine. Anna is overjoyed to be able to perform her tasks with the help of innovative software and, as a result, take better care of Maria.

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