What exactly is an emergency call center & how does it work?

Emergency watches easily explained Digital assistants are now firmly anchored in our everyday lives. However, the new technologies enable not only younger, but now also older generations to enjoy a higher standard of living. The latter benefit from AAL (active & assisted living)-focused software and user-friendly smart devices. Active-assisted-living systems like JAMEShelp seniors with everyday […]

Digital impulses for care & support

Digitization as the new driver of the care sector One in three people aged 65 and older lives alone. Since the mid-1980s, the number of single-family and single households has nearly doubled – seniors in particular are increasingly living alone. In 2020, according to Statistics Austria, nearly four million private households were recorded – of […]

1 year lockdown in Austria

Digital helpers as heroes in the fight against social isolation. Exactly one year ago today, the coronavirus forced Austria into a nationwide lockdown for the first time. On 03/16/2020, all businesses, stores, educational institutions, but also nursing homes were temporarily closed overnight, massively limiting our social habitus. From then on, the protection of the population, […]

Pilot project AALbin

You’re never too old to learn. Deutsches Sprichwort The AALbin pilot project is in full swing At the beginning of 2021, JAMES TeleCare, in cooperation with Smart City Wien, will equip 30 senior citizens in the Per-Albin-Hansson-Siedlung with the JAMES tablet and emergency call device. Many senior citizens are shy and reticent about increasing digitization. […]

Telehealth & Telemedicine. A rapidly growing market

Meaning. In times of obligatory distance, online processing of health / medical services appears to be a valuable alternative to personal care in ordinances and hospitals. The two terms are often confused with each other or used in the same way because of their similarity, but they are clearly distinct from each other: Telemedicineis limited […]

Telehealth as support against social isolation

Austrian company delivers TeleCare solutions to support elderly family members in isolation Klagenfurt (OTS)– One third of all people over 65 in Austria live alone at home and are therefore not only on their own in everyday life, but also in emergency situations. Especially in times of crisis, such as the current coronavirus pandemic, the […]

What is a radio trigger?

& how does it work? Everyone wishes to live in their own home for as long as possible. Self-determination, comfort, but above all safety play a major role. Knowing that you can call for help at the touch of a button makes life even better within your own four walls. Emergency watches, alarm bracelets or […]

Pilot project Care about Care

Care about Care aims to empower actors in professional home care ecosystems. It will provide new ICT-enabled opportunities for collaboration and information sharing to enable older people to age at home and improve care processes. Eight teams from Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland will develop and test two pilot platforms of Care about Care in […]